High quality materials

Whilst other companies may claim to use only the best materials at Grubin we guarantee it. Quality materials at Grubin are sourced to provide the best healthy footwear experience. The shoes are made of the best leather, latex, cork and jute to ensure a comfortable and healthy walk every time. Our quality assessors manage the quality of the materials used in all of our products. All materials used in making our shoes guarantee a durable, lightweight and comfortable level of support with every wear.

The quality of our leathers is second to none, and we embrace the leather with its slight natural imperfections this can often be seen in the grain of the leather and the way it reacts to light and sun exposure – this is the real sign of an official Grubin!

The leather undergoes a process to preserve its natural feature rather than just coating it with colour, this means we can maintain the natural beauty of the leather, its durability, breathability and life.

Signs of real leather include slight changes to the colour (with time and sun exposure) and small wrinkle and crease patterns. These are all traits of natural leather and add to the beauty and uniqueness of every Grubin shoe.


  • Leather: The basic material for the upper parts of anatomical footwear GRUBIN is leather. We have smooth leather, suede leather and nubuck leather. It is very thick and luxurious, at the same time soft and comfortable. Leather is dyed and processed using special methods to preserve its beauty and uniqueness.
  • Felt: Grubin-felt is a fibrous material. It is porous enough to allow air to circulate, and strong enough to keep feet warm and cozy. GRUBIN-felt shoes are the ideal solution as slippers especially for winter. 
  • Plush: Grubin-plush is made of finest fabrics. It’s mix of silk and cotton It is porous enough to allow air to circulate, and strong enough to keep feet warm and cozy. GRUBIN-plush shoes are the ideal solution as slippers for the winter.

The common characteristic of the above materials is that they are specially treated for extra softness, comfort and absorption. Material absorption is key to breathability – bye bye smelly feet!