About Us

The story behind Orthopedic footwear specialists. You might think that over at Grubin we are the new kids on the block, but the truth is we really aren’t, after years of success in the European Market Grubin has launched its line of orthopaedic healthy footwear in Australia.

At Grubin we pride ourselves on being Australia’s favourite orthopedic footwear specialists. At Grubin we strive to:

  • Provide affordable orthopaedic footwear solutions.
  • Ensure that all Australians understand the importance of healthy feet. 
  • Provide stylish orthopaedic  footwear solutions.
  • Educate young Australians on healthy footwear solutions.

As a family run firm GRUBIN had humble beginnings and started as a healthy footwear workshop in the early 1980’s. Grubin began producing anatomical footwear that today is world renowned.  Since then, continual growth and improvement of production has resulted in “GRUBIN” becoming a well known and undisputed leader in the production and education of anatomical footwear in Australia.

 GRUBIN has a wide range of children’s, women’s and men’s stylish orthopedic  footwear.

The main feature of a GRUBIN shoe is its anatomically shaped bay, inspired by the shape of the human foot and implemented in collaboration with orthopedic specialists.

Anatomically shaped GRUBINs set the foot in a natural position, which allows for better posture, adjusts the back for proper position of the spine and thereby facilitates and reduces back pain when walking and standing.

 Our long-term strategy is to continually improve the quality, monitoring and implementation of our GRUBINs. Unique in its offer, GRUBIN orthotic shoes offers several types of features such as anatomic insoles, heel pads, and concealer and splitter fingers.

In addition to the Serbian market, GRUBIN is popular in Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia, Russia, Slovakia, Greece, Kuwait, Canada and now in Australia.

Many of us lead very busy lifestyles, between work, family and friends we are running on our feet for hours at a time and this can be causing long term damage to our feet which may attribute to back and other spinal problems. Grubin orthopedic footwear solutions provide a stylish, healthy and affordable footwear alternative.

Make your life easier and healthier by purchasing a pair of Grubin shoes and cut the cost of Physio’s, Osteo’s and Chiro’s. Massage your feet as you walk, try our Grubins today!

Biljana Janjic

Director Grubin Australia and Healthy Feet Enthusiast