Stylish orthopedic shoes

GRUBIN Australia really is your one-stop shop for stylish orthopedic shoes and shoes because we carry a wide range of health friendly shoes and healthy footwear for the whole family. 

Our Grubin range accommodates most feet types and just about any wearer, from: 

  • Young growing children: Support your child’s growth with healthy footwear.
  • Health conscious travelers: Travel in comfort without having to compromise on style. Lightweight and versatile Grubins are your perfect travel partner for exploring city’s in style and comfort.
  • Busy parents: We know now how busy life can get for parents. Grubin healthy footwear is designed for busy feet, the great new styles also make it so easy to take this comfy sandal and wear it as a perfect weekend or shopping shoe. Your friends will be envious!
  • Medical health providers: You spend the bulk of your working day looking after people and their health. So it’s important you look after the health of your own feet, especially with the long hours standing your role commands. See the full range of medical and health care provider footwear available and give your feet the support they need.
  • Expectant mums: Pregnancy can put a lot of strain on your lower limbs and back. Grubin orthotic sandals gel to the shape of your foot and give you support and flexibility where you need it. Grubins are also made for a wider foot with soft leather that expands so you can be confident that you can wear your Grubin throughout the pregnancy.
  •  Professionals: Anyone looking for comfy heal stabilisation, arch support, and podiatrist endorsed shoes because they are standing for longer periods of time e.g. hair dressers, chefs, medical staff, child care providers etc.

Grubins are fundamental to healthy feet, they support your lower limbs and back and provide arch support to reduce and eliminate aches and pains. We love the entire Grubin range so much that if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, we will gladly exchange the product for you. For superior comfort with every step you take, buy a Grubin today!