The anatomy of comfort design orthopedic shoes

If you are suffering from serious foot conditions, Comfort Design Orthopedic Shoes is your option. The orthopedic shoes are incredibly beneficial for all those who are suffering from chronic leg and foot pain or to prevent the pain from arising at all.

Here are the reasons why orthopedic shoes are the best:


When comfort is concerned, no one can beat the Comfort Design Orthopedic Shoes. Above everything else, these shoes are ergonomic in nature and known to be world’s most comfortable shoes. From heel to toe these shoes conform to the unique curves of your foot well, thus allowing your toes to flex and bend naturally with every activity.


When you walk the foot flexes and wishes for free movement, to support your body and balance your body. If your shoes fit your properly, then heels and arch will receive the deserved rest. The orthopedic shoes come with the proper integration of heel and arch support for maximum effectiveness of health.

Neutral heel
Elevated heels cause the body to shift from the proper alignment. But with neutral heels, your body weight is distributed much more evenly and the pressure on the feet evenly distributes instead of not just staying on the ball of the foot. Not only this helps in a better foot condition, but also encourages a healthy and natural walking, adding more stability.

Arch & Heel support

The curve which meets your instep and prevents any unnecessary gap or flat feet from occurring is called maintaining proper curve. Good arch support is an ergonomic shoe, offering you better  balance and helps you improve your posture.

Room for toes

A pointed toe box can be the major cause for various foot problems and high discomfort.The proper room in the shoes allows proper grip and correct alignment of your feet. 

Contoured foot bed

Correct footbed countour means providing the correct support for your feet. A deep heel cup, adequate room and proper arch support , are the main things among many others which you need to keep an eye on. Durability, replaceable factor, lightweight and flexibility are also important for the Custom Orthotic Shoes for both men and women .