What is an orthopedic shoe?


Are you health consious? Do you want only the best footwear support available? At Grubin we are passionate about providing stylish healthy footwear. A good pair of orthopaedic shoes has features that provide comfort and support. There are a number of features to look for when buying an orthopaedic shoe:

1      The right size for your feet (allows for space in the back and front).

2      The right shape for your feet (wearing pointy toe heels will only cause damage to your toes and the shape of your feet).

3     Comfertable Arch support.

4      Wide toe space for those who need it!

5      Extra depth in sole support so your shoes last longer!

6      No heels, yes believe it there is a stylish flat alternative to those uncomfertable heels.

7      Shoes that last and last, our materials are durable and we use only the best breathable fabric

Not all shoes are made equal! Below we outline the many layers that make a Grubin orthopedic shoe unique. Not all orthopaedic shoes are designed the same, so it’s important you purchase your Grubin here online or from an official re-seller. Always make sure you ask if the seller is an official Grubin merchant.