High quality materials

Whilst other companies may claim to use only the best materials at Grubin we guarantee it. Quality materials at Grubin are sourced to provide the best healthy footwear experience. The shoes are made of the best leather, latex, cork and jute to ensure a comfortable and healthy walk every time. Our quality assessors manage the quality of[…]

What is an orthopedic shoe?


Are you health consious? Do you want only the best footwear support available? At Grubin we are passionate about providing stylish healthy footwear. A good pair of orthopaedic shoes has features that provide comfort and support. There are a number of features to look for when buying an orthopaedic shoe: 1      The right size for your feet[…]

Stylish orthopedic shoes

GRUBIN Australia really is your one-stop shop for stylish orthopedic shoes and shoes because we carry a wide range of health friendly shoes and healthy footwear for the whole family.  Our Grubin range accommodates most feet types and just about any wearer, from:  Young growing children: Support your child’s growth with healthy footwear. Health conscious travelers: Travel in[…]